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If you would like your label customized further- we can make it happen!

These are 2-ounce travel tins with a personalized name and date sticker. Candles are hand-made with the same 100% soy wax we use with our 8oz candles and phthalate-free candle scents. Dimensions:  2" Diameter x 1.50" Height. 


10 count = $58 ($5.80 each)

50 count = $275 ($5.50 each)

100 count = $520 ($5.20 each)

150 count = $750 ($5 each)

200 or more = $4.90 each


Shipping is free for orders of 20 favors or more.



  • Coco Mango: sweet, coconut milk, mango, tropical scent

  • Grapefruit Mint: tangy grapefruit with garden-fresh mint, refreshing, subtle scent

  • Lavender: floral, herbaceous, fresh scent

  • Midnight Teakwood: dark musk, amber, cedarwood, teakwood scent

  • Midnight Forest: oakmoss, amber with hints of orange and sage scent

  • Peppermint Eucalyptus: cool, refreshing, minty scent

  • Pumpkin Chai: fall, sweet, pumpkin, cinnamon scent

  • Sandalwood Coconut: warm, subtle, earthy, sweet scent

  • Santo Domingo: pina colada, orange, rum, fruity scent

  • Vanilla: vanilla bean, buttercream, warm, sweet scent

  • Vanilla Sandalwood: vanilla bean, sweet yet earthy scent

  • Vanilla Lavender: fresh lavender with a  deep creamy vanilla scent


To place an order please copy and paste the following information along with your answers in the body of your submission:

  • Quantity:

  • Scent (up to 2 scents):

  • Style (see pictures- example 1 or example 2):

  • Text: (example: J&M 01.23.2022):

  • Text Color (the examples have a dark brown text color but you can choose between black, dark brown, or navy blue):

  • If you would like your label customized further- we can make it happen! (may be subject to an additional fee)


Once you have sent your email we will respond with an invoice. Once you have paid and approved the draft, we will begin processing your order. Please allow up to 2 weeks for order processing and an additional 2-3 business for delivery. If you would like your order processed sooner please indicate that in your email submission and we will inform you if it's something we can do! 

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Thank you! We will reach back out to you within the next 24-48 hours.

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