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Original Gold 8oz Candle
  • Original Gold 8oz Candle

    Elevate your senses with our 100% soy wax 8 oz candles! With a wooden wick, our handmade candle will fill your room with your favorite scent.


    Scent Descriptions:

    • Mojito Please: cool, invigorating, mint mojito scent infused with natural essential oils, including eucalyptus and peppermint
    • Fireside Oud: frankincense, musk, smokey scent with hints of spearmint and leather
    • Coco Mango: sweet, coconut milk, mango, tropical scent
    • Grapefruit Mint: tangy grapefruit with garden-fresh mint, refreshing, soft scent
    • Lavender: floral, herbaceous, fresh scent
    • Midnight Teakwood: dark musk, amber, cedarwood, teakwood scent
    • Midnight Forest: oakmoss, amber with hints of orange and sage scent
    • Peppermint Eucalyptus: cool, refreshing, minty scent
    • Pumpkin Chai: fall, sweet, pumpkin, cinnamon scent
    • Sandalwood Coconut: warm, subtle, earthy, sweet scent
    • Santo Domingo: pina colada, orange, rum, fruity scent
    • Vanilla: vanilla bean, buttercream, warm, sweet scent
    • Vanilla Lavender: fresh lavender with a  deep creamy vanilla scent




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