Car Oil Diffuser
  • Car Oil Diffuser

    These diffusers will fill your car (or any other small space) with the fragrance of your choice! Choose to have the diffuser hang using the string provided or use the clip to attach it to your vent. The scent will last up to 6 weeks.


    1. Unscrew the top and remove the plastic cap

    2. Remove vent clip if you would like. to hang the diffuser or keep the vent clip on- your choice! (string stays on regardless)

    3. Tightly screw top back on, hold from the bottom and Tilt unit upside down just enough to saturate the wooden cap, but not too much to leak through (3-5 seconds)


    The oil will evaporate at a faster rate if placed in direct sunlight.

    Keep out of reach of children & pets. Keep diffuser upright.

    Avoid oversaturating as scent can become too strong.

    *Repeat steps when the unit loses fragrance*



    Scent Descriptions:

    • Coco Mango: sweet, coconut milk, mango, tropical scent
    • Lavender: floral, herbaceous, fresh scent
    • Midnight Teakwood: dark musk, amber, cedarwood, teakwood scent
    • Midnight Forest: oakmoss, amber with hints of orange and sage scent
    • Peppermint Eucalyptus: cool, refreshing, minty scent
    • Pumpkin Chai: fall, sweet, pumpkin, cinnamon scent
    • Sandalwood Coconut: warm, subtle, earthy, sweet scent
    • Santo Domingo: pina colada, orange, rum, fruity scent
    • Vanilla: vanilla bean, buttercream, warm, sweet scent
    • Vanilla Sandalwood: vanilla bean, sweet yet earthy scent
    • Vanilla Lavender: fresh lavender with a  deep creamy vanilla scent


    *Please allow up to 1 week to process your order and handmake your product*